Drive Innovation Performance

Enhance productivity and performance while eliminating innovation chaos.

Single Goal Values

Software for transformation success

The process of planning and managing innovation and transformation is often a jumble of PowerPoints, spreadsheets, Word docs and emails. Eliminate the chaos and silos by pulling the whole process under one hood with a secure cloud enterprise system. Teams from across the country or around the world can collaborate on planning and executing strategic initiatives.

Set Goals

Set achievable goals and measure progress with dynamic budget and results tracking​.

Align Strategies

Employ proven and novel strategies that align with goals and deliver optimal returns.

Plan Initiatives

Plan and collaborate on initiatives with a full view of financial and capacity requirements.

Manage Tasks

Set tasks and milestones to ensure initiatives are completed on time and within budget.

Eliminate Bottlenecks

Capacity planning allows you to eliminate over-committing internal labor or other resource on initiatives.

Prioritize Investments

Allocate and prioritize strategic investments according to the highest payback, NPV, IRR or custom metric.

Track KPIs

KPIs updated automatically throughout the hierarchy as investment returns and drivers are populated.

Make Better Decisions

Dashboards and reports allow continuous monitoring and analysis of innovation and transformation programs.


Get the most out of your innovation data and metrics

  • Reliable & Secure

  • Flexible & Configurable

  • Scalable

  • Integrate & Automate

A platform you can count on for security and reliability

InnoMetrix utilizes AWS for user two factor authentication, Restful API with access token, network access via IP whitelisting amongst other techniques along with database access and encrypted storage. InnoMetrix applies AWS best practices for access controls and encryption. With a 99.5% uptime, you can be assured that your data is secure and accessible.

InnoMetrix adapts to your workflows - not the other way around

Configuring InnoMetrix to suit the needs of your business is easy and doesn't require IT support.  We designed InnoMetrix for best practices to capture the data and information you need to plan, manage and analyze your innovation and transformation programs.  

Built to scale

Innovation and transformation occurs in all areas of the business.  That's why you need innovation performance management software that grows with you - and delivers increased value as you scale throughout the organization.  

An integral and integrated part of your technology stack

Most companies struggle with an annual budget, let alone a meaningful strategic plan.  With the InnoMetrix API, you can connect with budgeting and planning (CPM) and ERP systems, to name a few.  Eliminate manual updates and capture comprehensive data by automating  integration with core systems in your fintech stack.  


Need clarification?

How does InnoMetrix keep data secure?

InnoMetrix is hosted on a public cloud service provided by Amazon Web Services (AWS). Amazon maintains high standards for security for their data centers.  InnoMetrix and API are solely accessible via HTTPS. This limited access provides protection concerning privacy and integrity of data while at rest and in transit.  InnoMetrix also employs 2 factor authentication as well as user roles and permissions to limit the data that end users are able to view and edit.  

How do we capture new data as our needs evolve?

InnoMetrix is designed for flexibility around data capture and reporting.  We allow a wide variety of data types to be added to specific screens.  New fields are added in configurations and settings.   

Can we make InnoMetrix available to our vendors and partners?

Yes!  We recognize that innovation and transformation often involves an extended supply chain of vendors and partners.  You can provision licenses to external resources and track their performance.  

How do we get started with InnoMetrix?

The best way to get started with InnoMetrix is to contact us and schedule a discovery call.  Based on our learnings, we can design a demo that addresses your key challenges.  Contact us today!

One solution for all your innovation and transformation initiatives